Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sukkface on the m0ve / wlkthru gravely
lowwingDUMBLY in th/face
p!ssing tear$. D a n k
witness swaddl’d in lino
on th/bathroom florr.
A gut, a piece of tape –
I’m in love
w./youyou terrify my everyday.
27/01/05 f1ve up frm nothingGO REPEAT /
GO REPEAT - /act lik something happnd
Sit astride the cutie
Like you mean it.
Dialtone blues.

Trying to see us all as victims of the same sy-
Lies held my legs show no face better
To pretend you don’t have a body
Relocate to
Under duvet n eat til’t expands
L!ke a f@tty
C0ff!n → milky mild& m£aty.
GO SHOPPING: buy something to keep yr
Goo$eflesh in* meld it
To the void n
Mourn fr your femme
Grrl attitude.

Yr as guilty as yr hairstyle. Desire
@ the lefft p[eakk &a loww pain.
Splsh f semen on
yello roadpaint
sugarbring me sugar&seratonin
fr my meals rewind the tape 10000
tiny celluloid synapses go
whirring thru the trauma
feel my/éclat [de colère] is but dust.
Verything is wrong.
Crush my silk top
Thrown over a chair
Blue saliva whr th/weed decays.

Talk I feel this.
Irreparable fact.
Talk i
Need this
Nasty shape
‘f our
t i m e.
Talk i--
Nasty aleatory
Act I talk this
Nasty wordViolence.

Suck in and see what we’re capable of or
I will change and sting like the sea only
Slightly deadened a saltlick a
Briny, brawny queen. Lust passed me at a
Bar and I touch my hand I feel good. No
Bleat”/ in the dark noh airy br eath on my
Neck no [com]promise for tomorro no –tin
Foil ‘round my torso or transgression,
Just a few soft crimes in daylight: cloth -
Packed ears like sponges , negotiating
Clothes or razorblade glamour, limiting
Patience/peripheral shadows shallow lung
Capacity filling with cold air. Silence.