Thursday, February 16, 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006


some photoshop creations, with the aid of my new best friend, lego-lady.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

gender buttons

A Word
Recursive stooping creeps low discursive sick out the body of words cut them out and flush them, victories for the keeping.

A War
A ‘try-to’ re-clevering cleave knifed at a sheath bleeding inky on the margins bleating sickly through the markings.

A World
Reclusives sticking to the sides crashing walls out of time automated creatings grating skin onto pasta dishes rethought rethinking.

A Woman
Stomached on your stamping shouted ‘pushpush!’

A Work
Working ‘out’ to ‘in’ knocking on the page bouncing off the book.

A Word
Crmble carcassd hllwd uot – trn yr bak!

A Womb
Same shell different animal.

A Wasp
A followed out thought, an ‘i’ swollen out, a pollinated poem, a papercut, a laminated text.

A Written
qejnvakon, ksajdflin jfkj n ksjf e vikjaer fngkafnj kj asiuer n akj vakjerij ijsdf ikj fne d sndfa = unseen.

A Walk
Anti-statics matter metered progression thru-lines bonecrack livestretch.

A Wane
Mooning monthly, woman made real.

A Waist
A star glide, a single frantic sullenness, a single financial grass greediness.

A Waste
A gutterboat, many-craving lang masses sprawled in the dirt destituted.

A Wearing
A substitute for knowing.

A Wonderful
Dead inside the heart alive outside the page, a fiend for feeling a friend for freeing. Feminine sensation and welling creation.

A Waistcoat

A Wainscot
Packing in the wholes lining in the liminal a box of finished things think through the insulation. Six men in a room. Sex meant in a womb.

A Writing
A reading.