Thursday, January 18, 2007

notes on dissent.


1) I want a pet. Make me an incomplete cat. Take a picture. Email it to me.

2) Find a friend. Piss them off a bit. Take a photo of their face afterwards. Email it to me.

3) Describe your toothbrush in 20 words.

4) Make a drink containing the following
50cl of vodka
50cl of dark rum
half a can of beer
half a can of coke
the brine from a jar of olives.

Drink it, then post a comment on this blog.

5) Read Bernadette Mayer's sonnets. Write a response sonnet.

6) Tear up your favourite book. Document the experience

7) Record one of your telephone conversations. Email it to me.

8) Create a picture of you and me doing something together. Email it to me.

9) Quit your job. Email it to me.

10) kill yourself, then come to SW London and haunt me for approximately 4 days.

11) Stalk a celebrity for a week. Email me the celebrity.

12) Prepare your favourite meal. Email me a picture of it. Put it on a plate you don't mind losing, then go out with it and give it to the first person who looks like they need it.

13) Dress up as someone else. Email me the picture.

14) Write an opera. Perform it at a London venue. Film the performance and post it on youtube.

15) Go to the loo. Keep it to yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to do that but I'm not coming to SW London

6billionghosts said...

toothbrush: automatic. suggested by dentist. the charger turns caked toothpaste (it drips down) into strange gummy substance. currently disgusting. help.

Anonymous said...

Feel my guns.

keanlad said...

"one singapore chowmain,two fried rice,portion of chips,tub of sweet an sour sauce.....and a copy of your latest giddions bible pressing please........oh,and a bottle of diet coke....taa"

sophie robinson said...

good one john - hope you're well? xx

Anonymous said...