Thursday, April 20, 2006

where the woodbine twineth (sexdoll txt & image project)

w h e r e t h e w o o d b i n e t w i n e t h

Eva: You never believe me when I tell you things are real
(‘The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, episode 72, ‘Where the Woodbine Twineth’, 1965)

doll sings criminal
joint “A” is flavourless when on
a ‘she’ is felt both head and neck affected
imagination to the last
love’s purchase is up between skirts with himlines fraying:
the blood that would offer a ‘think’ choice has just been perverted.
The low, the available,
This mess she’s in –
Boys buy the same expressions because
Quietly always 300%dead?
Electrical personality affection face types and lube dollies a body acts as intelligence and
Disease attepts a ginger circuitry
All this and more.

Treat their dogs like kids,

Safe in a people of ‘he’ singular –
A cover-up-all excuse
Of virgin tipping_____silicone limited
Apparent bodies disturbingly play at non-betrayals
and this degrades his love and money
and the dolls, blighted, have soft problems with body articulation.
A convenient water-resistant emphasis on –
Fleshsex movement blurred for ¾ of an inch
A longlife sticky realness
Likeness is written in the creature beside him –
A head separation
Rubber construction tendencies
Biology thief admits some showcasing -
Continuous bodies and the plastic real of Whitman.

Beyond lies, she’s me

A realistic pliant alternative;
Silicone other begins, worryingly elasticating
selfsame stain resistant flesh
could not solid the abyss between
an artificiality recluse & an imperceptible monster
[people please clean the carnal paedophile]
the online fantasies about
backworld joints and liars with the writings –
all this and more.

The real thing is due
Putting the money aside for body type four
Writing entirely no-anal
Intelligent pocketmoney abyss
Bellybutton elongation
Customers should note: neck seam has been eliminated completely.
Silky flesh of ‘you’ is personality felt,
and manicured art is when eyes go beyond the normal handmade ‘I’ –
articulation to construction and reclose infinitely.
A healthier synthetic innocence,
a virginal thing, she’s redundant to the torso,
offering flexible vaginal purchases
An elastic between for singing –
Faces can be purchased separately.
A blood redundance to feel doll physically
Me because it didn’t have large breasts
I sing the body electric.

A creature also experiences
Physical human see-all phenomena
Of course it's intelligent and a cheap scare because they did not show doll moving for real
All vaginal viewings emphasise the ‘her’ – this is ‘A’
A reversing wrote desire
The ‘I am the people’ terminates at mid-thigh -
Now just Frankenstein the joint imperceptibly.
Fleshy made affordable this electrical limited me
Breasts degrade twice
I attempt an eerie lifelike.

[images coming soon...]
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runnymede festival

Runnymede International Festival, 22 April 2006

Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, TW20 OEX

12.30-2.00: Poetry Reading by Rod Mengham, Andrzej Sosnowski, Tadeusz Pioro, Carol Watts

2.00-3.30: Poetic Practice: Readings/Performance/Video

( Frances Kruk, Stephen Willey, Oriel Winslow, Lydia White, Sophie Robinson and others.)

4.00-5.30: Poetry Reading by Robert Hampson, Drew Milne, Dell Olsen

7.30-9.00: Poetry Reading: Lee Harwood and Maggie O’Sullivan

(for more details about the workshops and the main programme please see the attached PDF)

Workshops on Saturday 22nd April:

10.30-12.00: Poetic Practice Workshop: Redell Olsen

This workshop will provide the opportunity to explore a range of process based approaches to writing. We will work with chance procedures and examine ways to

assemble texts using 'found' material. We will consider the visual possibilities of writing and text and explore alternative sites for writing both on and off the page.

£10/ £5 concs. 20 places: Advance booking essential.*

10-30-12.00: Fiction Workshop: Joe Treasure

(Author of The Male Gaze – Paladin, 2006)

£10/£5 concs. 20m places. Advance booking essential.*

2.00-3.30: Science Fiction writing workshop: Adam Roberts

(Adam Roberts is the author of several highly-praised science fiction novels.)

£10/£5 concs. 20 places. Advance booking essential. *

• Advance Booking 01932 425687

Full festival details: