Sunday, May 14, 2006

continuity shot (draft/scribblings)

accesorize your underarm
a greasy coin slips through
peephole holding
every touch i know
She quarters Mercury, oozes and all
overslept story conveyed
as reason gaggles metro
actually wish minutes
someone slacks, Making actress charming
idea untucked appears lasting
I pay like eyes
sex being was accented
more readily than deadpan
her alive shuffled love
something like a Chanel ad.

even my fringe quivers
anticipating a nauseous turning.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

not a poem or a plug.

"if you care about a particular political, social, or ethical dimension then what does it mean to be doing work that exists in rather an exotic form that most people don’t have access to? I tend to think the primary reason they don’t find it accessible is the training they’ve received, the pedagogy, and that training for instance in how to read need not be so restrictive that it makes people fear anything they can’t immediately make sense of. This is how the unintelligible becomes the ground of political bashing—what is not immediately understandable is automatically classified as dangerously alien"
Joan Retallack, interviewed by Redell Olsen

So how does this change, then? Should it change? This is the biggest issue for me with reguard to experimental poetics, and also something I have to resist when reading...that urge to skim over and think 'what can I get from this?'.