Monday, January 15, 2007

Hips& hnds get lonelay bely

lipward motion blast poppin

say tight ing ing

BLIND squintingover BLIND

Lonefiglike stoke my he&rt

w/tender lispleaves

Brning NIB of skyy*

gne h0llowww.

Write but but

with ,like ,like ,

[run] [run] [run]

kith @ the roadside 3am

walksounds over gravel

kch**ww:: :: ::o)0 nnnnnnnnnnn^!!

cuffd aliv££ at once

landlocked pulse______a throbbing

box calld “/////////BOD Y”

vivid like pavement

under /face.

circles of wintrr wrappd round me

twirl EVIDENCE frm its sleeve

by daylite ; what of it ?

i’m more thn my bones&

yr fast n tactless approach&

my urine soakkd clothes

so get gone.

Crawl dripping over tarmac

til yr broke::::::::en

skin flees it’s origins

babytalk won’t help.

Brake viv!d day into 0

dismember’d dawn [STOP]

hungry w0lff eats tha sun.

Why don’t you take th/moon too.

A river b/tween the skrrts,

0r :- earmark for destruction.

Lo self ; lumped on friends or

Simply Afloat.
Walk on.

Wrestl1ng the cage is pointless

Whn fear is wrapp’d so L00se & steady

& th/whole heavy earth is hung protected

frm the ceiling by a piece of string | OH U

alwys want everything so controll’d

bettrr 2 queer n harden bettr 2 corrpt

with dignity born of 1gnorance-

dignity versus the other kind that

s an organic process ‘f recuperat

ion. Want body back/.

Streets back clothes back: for the price

Of a cab. << |rewind and repeat|
<< |rewind and repeat|

;;aLL along a flight from c a u s e :

yr ready, cocked fr anything – a look

or tease nooses itself around

n tightns. No sweat,

nothng, not a quivering halfword

like ‘d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-’

not even. Acts swaddle us n remember.

Listlessness : agodawfulsmallaffairtothegrl




theclearstviewnsheshookdtothe i

am round & hollow.

Time is broken///00bulleTS||||gripping sweet ,

Sticky sug*r hands ``--hv pickd

Up fl)ff&dirt along th/way like

A perfct littl chicken. Hearts cut out

, miniature stars, grimy & del*cate.

Nebulous affection.

I hv climbed th/

Sl!ding perch’f yr estate,

!m landlocked _ pois’d on pliers

glinting evry p.m.

kkn£ad mY unl*ke - thrrs no script fr

this. Intake, implode

fall &scrape.

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