Monday, October 02, 2006


sum paintings I did, yeh.


Sean Bonney said...

whee. these are great. you got more? how big are they? can I have one to dangle on my wall?

sophie robinson said...

thanks. Course u cn have one. i'll probs do quite a few (poundshop sells canvases, a true prole art threat!), was actually thinking about flogging them @ small publishers fair. Whats happening with that by the way? We all reading? I'm miserable and ill at the moment, spent most of the evening in Tooting walk-in medical center. Nasty infected parts.

Sean Bonney said...

ya. yt are sharing the bad stall. doing reading at 2. its billed as just you and me, so I guess fk and jow will dress up as us. feel better soon.