Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Elizabeth James' Albatross

Check out Elizabeth James' albatross. It's very cool. Very simple. Delicious. I particularly like 'sea thickens with dead quota' & 'the world my booby provides'. More later.

Note to self. Disgust in MODERATION. Maybe. (was that guy right about my reading, too many vaginas?) But everything is disgusting I can't help it. The world is pretty gross and nobody notices. My work is ************** these days, I've peaked. I don't even have wisdom teeth, I feel soooo inadequate. Charles Olson again tomorrow and I really want to dig maxipad out because I haven't written anything to show. WAIT A MINUTE I'm drinking lemsip and attempting to write poetry LIKE A***** MOT*ON! No wonder I'm staring at a blank screen. Better that than moccasins and 'how romantic it must be to be working class!'. What a fool.

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