Wednesday, December 05, 2012


of all the things i thought i’d miss
i didn’t think i’d miss the snow
or you bounding down the road
toward me panting like a hungry dog

honey snow – yellow – bound
for melting & morning-piss cloudy
mouth-gas coffee tinted & desire
off the leash of normal loving

you’re like a day off school, lung-acher
spine-icer, night-muffler, & my life
is softer for your bundling in the middle
of the park in the middle of still living then

*A brand new poem written from my current residency at The New School House Gallery in York, responding to Helen Chadwick's Piss Flowers


Delirium's Librarian said...

One of my favourite artworks given an affective, lyrical dimension. Become an archive of feelings.

Alex Rodallec said...


Neilson Black said...

Really like this one. Cool word play.