Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the way she bends

the way she bends:
like a sailor,
as luck would have
it. & i am

on television
the starship troops
are marching up
to beat us to
a pulp, for being
found wanting
too much: a place
to live, to not be
sick in, a fair
go at it all
or at it all

when i say us
i mean them -- i
am not there i
am with you, &
thinking we cling
to love in lieu
of anything just.

one step down from

dragged out beatings,
wreck of love's
dwelling, calling:
what threat is posed
by those who stand
for everyone
by kneeling in
copper nests
to feel the cold
smack of cash they
don't have? we have
cash, a little,
& are not
buying it.

being ‘personal’,
i’d say for sure
your love for me
is equal to
half of my love
for you [currency]

makes sense – i mean:
you wouldn't buy
yourself a present.
you wouldn't write
yourself a poem.
you can’t arrest
yourself in the
dead night or keep
yourself a secret.

& besides: if
i loved you like
i love my country –
if I loved you like
i love me you'd
be sorry. if i
loved you like i
love me you'd be
dead –
& what good would
you be to me


Neilson Black said...

That was brilliant Sophie. Absoultely brilliant. You are a very, very talented poet. I really like your style. I would also like to say hi by the way.

M R Pardoe said...

Meeting of troubled lovers at a harbour - a poem

Mannequin smiles break enough to
cut me...
feel the salt of knowledge clog every wound...

Your game, my failures
mockery mugged me
like an allergy...

Clouds for us, clouds for love
My fingertips don't rest easy now on your skin

hands held in warm drizzle, glass song in pubs, late night silence

bitterness licks like cheap hairspray

waves mock, i mock, you mock, sky mocks

you say i've become a stoic and i think you only half hate me


I'm as greedy for you as I ever was and it feels righteous

Turn away with me and a thousand things will seem
like last chances

M R Pardoe said...


You know people tell me you have to earn trust
that it grows...
from conscious action and kindness
it seems to be that repetition has given form to this idea
when in reality the opposite is true
earn distrust
we rack it up daily with those we profess to love
until we are left alone, quiet and unwanted

M R Pardoe said...


Swim too hard and the angels chime
tongue bites lip in the dizziness
the water tastes clean
makes us all clean
but i want out and away
i want sunshine on this grey day

M R Pardoe said...

loved your poem, inspired me to write the 3 above...apologies for invading your blog with them but they were direct results of your work so i hope they actually fit in