Monday, April 02, 2007

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Mike Weller said...

can't make this gig nor xing the line april. crot!!!

hope Frances lobs good clobber thursday and you purrrrrrrrrruuurrgggghhhhhh @plough friday. (yr yt booklet i must order)

6billionghosts said...

11. (keywords: ancient religion writing)

baltimore is good for motion. when adam and i left the MDC concert he got a long plastic pole from the bank teller man and the bank teller man let him in through the bank into the place where he could open the front glass door to the garage. it's hard to explain the exact logistics of it. all i know is that i was cold and scared because a very intense looking skinhead in a suit had come up next to me while adam was trying to push the door open.
"hey are you guys trying to get in? shit i need to get in there."
"yeah we're locked out too." adam was operating the pole through the metal bars to the door opener thing that was also a bar. he had to find that sweet spot at the end of the door pusherthing to get the physics just right and barely press the door open. it was like a little long-distance nudge.
"he can't do it, he won't be able to do it." the skinhead said. i just stood there watching.
adam was almost
it was just enough. we were in and walking up the stairs after returning the pole to the nice bank man and thanking him. we got to the computer and were practically shaking with the ticket as we shoved the ticket into the machine and waited for it to process and when the gates opened we were yelling out of joy and terror.

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