Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Global Delay

for sean bonney.

Queasy is: sticking to floors & chairs or laughingly dribbled on stairs. Flaking out of cauliflower and storyboard nationwide are gluton and bumcheek sloppy with PVA, giblets quivering lustily in tubes and churches, licking arsecrack doesn't make you a big name in Ealing Braodway & if you piss yourself I'll just make you clean it up. 'Dry as a' or 'bone me' are not phrases coined at sea, if you know what I mean. Oh and the Police all carry stunguns and the ladies feed mini-milks to dogs & satelite dishes are pointed towards Mecca. Landlocked, save the spittle, we'll tramp daily cherries into brick and leave rotten old nappies to fester in parks below signs of enforced corporate patriotism. Nailing you (with an ordinary commercial picturehook, unles otherwise specified) to last week's cheststomping poster, I suddenly think: Better to beat me to death than this, crying "greedy little skirtlifter, she'll pay". Up the state.

to be continued...

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Jow Lindsay said...

denounced: Sophie Robinson for not linking badpress.infinology.net Sophie Robinsin has 1 friends!it is Polluted human anatomy, and a gas wh/ induces retching, pus fr/ the slightly flawed seams in twelve biohazard suits wh/ glorify Allah’s perfection. “no I’ve already had this conversation with Sophie and I’m actually quite keen on them.”