Thursday, April 20, 2006

where the woodbine twineth (sexdoll txt & image project)

w h e r e t h e w o o d b i n e t w i n e t h

Eva: You never believe me when I tell you things are real
(‘The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, episode 72, ‘Where the Woodbine Twineth’, 1965)

doll sings criminal
joint “A” is flavourless when on
a ‘she’ is felt both head and neck affected
imagination to the last
love’s purchase is up between skirts with himlines fraying:
the blood that would offer a ‘think’ choice has just been perverted.
The low, the available,
This mess she’s in –
Boys buy the same expressions because
Quietly always 300%dead?
Electrical personality affection face types and lube dollies a body acts as intelligence and
Disease attepts a ginger circuitry
All this and more.

Treat their dogs like kids,

Safe in a people of ‘he’ singular –
A cover-up-all excuse
Of virgin tipping_____silicone limited
Apparent bodies disturbingly play at non-betrayals
and this degrades his love and money
and the dolls, blighted, have soft problems with body articulation.
A convenient water-resistant emphasis on –
Fleshsex movement blurred for ¾ of an inch
A longlife sticky realness
Likeness is written in the creature beside him –
A head separation
Rubber construction tendencies
Biology thief admits some showcasing -
Continuous bodies and the plastic real of Whitman.

Beyond lies, she’s me

A realistic pliant alternative;
Silicone other begins, worryingly elasticating
selfsame stain resistant flesh
could not solid the abyss between
an artificiality recluse & an imperceptible monster
[people please clean the carnal paedophile]
the online fantasies about
backworld joints and liars with the writings –
all this and more.

The real thing is due
Putting the money aside for body type four
Writing entirely no-anal
Intelligent pocketmoney abyss
Bellybutton elongation
Customers should note: neck seam has been eliminated completely.
Silky flesh of ‘you’ is personality felt,
and manicured art is when eyes go beyond the normal handmade ‘I’ –
articulation to construction and reclose infinitely.
A healthier synthetic innocence,
a virginal thing, she’s redundant to the torso,
offering flexible vaginal purchases
An elastic between for singing –
Faces can be purchased separately.
A blood redundance to feel doll physically
Me because it didn’t have large breasts
I sing the body electric.

A creature also experiences
Physical human see-all phenomena
Of course it's intelligent and a cheap scare because they did not show doll moving for real
All vaginal viewings emphasise the ‘her’ – this is ‘A’
A reversing wrote desire
The ‘I am the people’ terminates at mid-thigh -
Now just Frankenstein the joint imperceptibly.
Fleshy made affordable this electrical limited me
Breasts degrade twice
I attempt an eerie lifelike.

[images coming soon...]
[come to the festival on saturday...]

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